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Common Questions
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MA Classes - Can I extend my course access after it expires?
Where can I see when my course access expires?
What is your mailing address?
How does the 'Pass or don't pay' guarantee work?
Can I pause an on-demand class and finish it another time?
How do I see how many hours of live classes and on demand classes I've taken?
What counts as live stream hours?
Where can I see how many hours of live stream access time I have left?
How can I get in touch with the MA real estate board?
Can I rewind/fast forward the on demand classes?
How do I change my email?
Does test preparation count towards my live class time?
Do practice exams/questions count towards my 19 hours of on-demand time?
How can I refer a friend?
My timer says "On Demand Limit Reached." What does that mean?
Where can I check that you are a MA licensed real estate school?
Should I take the salesperson class or the broker class?
Is this the class to become a Realtor?
Are your online classes approved by the Massachusetts Real Estate Board?
Can I join just one part of a class, rather than the whole thing?
Can I take the online classes part time?
How do I get my education certificate?
Which practice exams count towards the pass or don't pay guarantee?
A class module ran longer than scheduled. Will I receive credit for the extra time?
Does watching my class archives count as class time? Does it count against my live stream access time?
Do I have to attend live class sessions? Can I just watch some videos?
I finished all of the class topics but still have some of my 40 hours left. What gives?
What do I need to send to PSI to be able to take the test?
If I attend part of a class, does the platform deduct the whole class time from my live stream access hours?
I'm close to finishing my 40 hours. Now what?