The tags were designed with the idea that all freshOps Tags would live outside of a building or premises so that staff can Check-In and view Security and Site Access Info prior to opening the front door.

The freshOps Tags have 2 bits of technology built into them. NFC & QR. The NFC Chip is water and weatherproof and secure within the plastic housing of the Tag. The QR Code though is a printable image and can over time fade or crack with extreme weather exposure. However, this would take 12mths or more.

We provide the tags for free with all paid accounts, so once the QR starts to fade, you can just replace them for free.

All the Tags are backed by 3M Double Sided Tape, so generally adhere to most clean surfaces.

Often when used outside the Tags are placed on Metallic Surfaces, so will need Special Ferrite Backed Tags made for use on Metallic Surfaces.

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