When the frequency of services changes for a customer, you need to create a New Visit Schedule within freshOps.

Then you need to Archive or Edit the End Date of the Old Visit Schedule, so that there are no further visits of that schedule within the system.

However, what do you do with the Tasks that were linked to these old Visit Schedules?

Once you've created a New Visit Schedule,

  1. Click into the Visit Schedule itself from the Sites Page

  2. Edit the End Date of this New Visit Schedule by say a day or so.

  3. freshOps will then recompile the Visit Schedule and now take into account the existing Tasks.

NOTE: This only applies to Tasks that were scheduled to All Schedules, Every Visit of Every Week. Those that appear in the Regular Column.

All other Tasks that were linked to specific visit schedules and/or days will need to be deleted and rescheduled

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