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Code of Conduct

These rules of conduct and our terms of use have been put in place to ensure that every member uses our application safely and responsibly. Only upload your own photos. We take copyright very seriously. Do not upload a photo if you do not have the right to do so.

Respect all users

We are a diverse community, which means that our members must respect the beliefs, preferences, and property rights of others when using Fruitz. Fruitz does not tolerate hate speech, rude or abusive behavior, bullying, or misogyny. You must act the same way you would offline. In addition, we encourage our users to immediately report anyone who violates any of these guidelines.

We want our users to be express themselves as much as possible, but we have to impose restrictions on certain content which may be abusive, insulting, or threatening, discriminatory or which promotes or encourages racism, sexism, hatred, or bigotry (including for example and without limitation, language that could be deemed discriminatory towards an individual's race, color, ethnicity, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender expression, gender identity or physical appearance).

As a friendly and respectful community, we ask our users to respect each other and to respect the Fruitz team.

Shake things up a bit with your messages

We recommend that you steer clear of the copy and paste approach. Read people’s bios, take an interest in what makes them unique, and send them a personalized message. This will stack the odds in your favor, we promise. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Don’t post any photos without you in them.

Fruitz photo guidelines :

No children
Face must be clearly visible in all photos
No watermarks or text on photos
No pornographic content
No explicit hunting photos
No firearms
No advertising, including promotional codes or links
No personal information on your profile or photos
No illegal activity on our site

Illegal activity will not be tolerated on Fruitz. This may result in being banned or restricted from the site, and/or being reported to the authorities.

No soliciting

Fruitz isn’t for selling things. If you try to use it as a marketplace, you’ll be banned.

Fruitz is for 18+ years.

We use a combination of automated systems and a team of moderators to monitor and review accounts and messages for content indicating violations of these guidelines and our terms of use. If you do not comply with these rules of conduct, you will receive a warning (unless our team decides to block your account or restrict access to it; we may do so without notice and at our sole discretion). If you ignore this warning, you may lose your profile permanently. The aim of our rules of conduct is to make Fruitz a fun and safe application for all users.

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