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How does Fruitz respond to data requests from Law Enforcement?
How does Fruitz respond to data requests from Law Enforcement?
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When needed, we work collaboratively with external law enforcement partners to report welfare checks, assist in criminal investigations, comply with existing data privacy laws and regulations, and consult on new innovations to keep the digital world safe and secure.

We partner in good faith with law enforcement agencies to enforce our privacy policies and provide a safe environment for all members—within the app and IRL. In working with law enforcement, we adhere to and comply with all data and privacy laws and regulations. We don’t disclose any of these requests for data or information to our members or the public.

Law enforcement agencies can submit a data or preservation request by creating an account and signing in to our secure law enforcement portal.

We will not respond to requests submitted via fax or email by law enforcement or non-law enforcement officials.

To ensure timely processing, all data requests from law enforcement must include:

  • The person’s name and one of the four pieces of information:

    • A registered email address

    • A registered mobile/cell phone number

    • A linked mobile/cell phone number

    • A unique user ID number

  • The reason for your request

  • The information required

  • An email address from a law enforcement domain

  • A named contact person, including department and title with contact phone number

  • An attachment of the applicable legal process, such as a subpoena or search warrant.

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