Signing up as an Independent Escort, you will be required to send us a photo for us to visually verify who you are.  The photo must be of true likeness to your current self, with a piece of paper showing today’s date and your account number.  You will have the choice as to display the photo on your profile or not.

As an Independent Escort, you will be required send us some details for us to verify who you are.  

There are several options available for us to detail who you are. You can

  • Upload a copy of your driving license or passport,
  • Submit your Adultwork Profile: Your Adultwork profile must contain a minimum of 5 reviews from different service seekers and you must be a verified member of Adultwork.
  • Verify via social media by sending us a link to your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile/s.  Please note that these profiles must have a minimum of  500 followers and contain recent posts (from the past 7 days), we will direct message you on your chosen social media channel before we can verify you. 
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