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Creating a Service Account In Google Workspace
Creating a Service Account In Google Workspace

In this article we will show you how to configure your Google account for use with Fugo TV Dashboards.

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Create Service Account for your TV Dashbaord

In this article we will show you how to configure your Google account for use with Fugo TV Dashboards. This will involve creating a service account inside your dashboard tool with permissions to view the dashboards you want to display on your TV screens.

Most BI Dashboard services, like Looker or Klipfolio, require you to log in before you can access your dashboards. And usually there are several ways they will allow you to login. In the examples below, Klipfolio offers two:


Direct Login: Klipfolio is an identity provider and will authenticate your login email and password.

Google Single Sign-On (SSO): In this case, Google is a third-party identity provider and will authenticate your email and password. In order to use Google SSO, you should already have an account with Google or Google Workspace. A dashboard service can have many other identity providers as an option, such as Microsoft or Twitter, for example. But in this guide we will focus on Google.

Fugo TV Dashboards supports both direct login as well as SSO login flows. However, in order for it to work correctly and securely we recommend that you configure the identity provider account.

Create a dedicated service account (recommended)

When using Fugo TV Dashboards, you can of course use your personal dashboard account for recording your steps that take you to your dashboard, but we highly recommend creating a dedicated service account with your identity provider as an extra security precaution.

The service account must have the least privileged user account with minimum permissions that is sufficient enough to access and read the dashboards.

This can usually be done in your identity provider's account settings or you can ask your IT admin to set this up for you.

Configure an account

Make sure your account is not using any additional modes of verification such as a mobile or email verification process with email and password login. Additional verification steps interfere with Fugo TV Dashboard step recorder and can cause the recording flow to become unpredictable.

If your verification flow requires Multi-factor authentication MFA, it's fine as long as it's Two Factor Authentication(2FA). We do support 2FA, you can read on how to set it up here.

We will show you below how to do this for Google and Outlook/Office365 accounts:

Configuring your Google account:

If you are using Google, you need to:

1. Remove recovery email and phone

You need to remove your phone and email from your recovery settings, as Google might try to ask you contact them every time Fugo TV Dashboard recorder tries to access and snapshot your dashboards.

1.2 Scroll down to the Ways we can verify it's you section of the Security page and click Recovery Phone.

1.3 You might be asked to re-enter you password, after which you will be navigated to the Recovery phone page as shown below.

All you need to do here is to hit the trash icon and delete the phone number. Make sure you repeat steps 2 and 3 for the Recovery email if you have one enabled.

2. Sign out of mobile devices

You will also need to sign out form your all the mobile devices that are currently signed in to your Google Account.

2.1 Scroll down to the Your devices section of the Security page, where you will find the list of devices using your Google account.

2.2 Click Manage devices. Here you will need to sign out from all mobile devices. To do that, click the three dot menu on each listed device and select Sign out.

You should be all set with your service account now. You'll find the full setup instructions for Fugo Dashboards here. If you need any support configuring your account or setting up your first TV dashboard, you can contact our team at

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