All Immersive Fullstack courses start with a 4 week remote class called Fullstack Foundations. Foundations typically requires 25-30 hours of work per week. It includes learning materials, weekly assignments, and weekly one-on-one virtual office hours with a Fullstack instructor. Foundations will give you a solid base of web development knowledge and a deeper understanding of JavaScript, so you can hit the ground running when the in-class portion of your Fullstack experience starts.

The live class portion of Fullstack is a mixture of lecture, lab and personal development. Our lectures will give you a strong grasp of fundamental programming concepts and full-stack web development, and our labs have been developed to quickly cement ideas. This portion of Fullstack will start with a heavier focus on personal and module based learning, and transition into project and team based learning. There is also a strong focus on preparing for the hiring process after finishing Fullstack. For any graduates seeking jobs after Fullstack, you'll be well prepared for interviews and the job search.

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