Each Persist training track has a particular feel and focus. You can see sample training from all four tracks below as a general overview, though the current training will be different. All four tracks are available in your subscription.


4 Days a Week - 2 upper, 2 lower body days. Start to finish in 60 min or less.

PRE-FATIGUE and HOT STARTS - Begin Every Session on the Right Foot

Immediately after you complete a thoughtfully crafted FBB Warmup, we will begin almost every PILLARS session with a Hot Start or a Pre-Fatigue. This supports getting the whole body HOT and firing on all cylinders for training. This might look like conditioning or like focused body part-specific prep mixed with or without cardio.


3 Sets

Row 15sec @ HIGH EFFORT

rest 15sec

5 Burpee Broad Jumps

rest 15sec

10 Jump Lunges

rest walk 60-90sec between sets


2-3 Sets for Quality

2 Turkish Get Ups/arm

6 Yoga Push Ups

20 Lateral Band Walks Right

20 Lateral Band Walks Left

rest as needed between sets

ABSOLUTE STRENGTH - Build Great Barbell Movement Patterns

We are committed to solidifying great movement patterns in PILLARS. Every cycle we focus on just a few core lifts. Each and every 6-week cycle of PILLARS you can learn how to move better with foundational exercises.

Barbell Z Press Example

3 Sets

1.Strict Pull Up; 21X1; 4-6reps

rest 30sec

2.Barbell Z Press; 10-12reps

rest 60-90sec and back to 1

Romanian Deadlift Example

Romanian Deadlift; 3131 Tempo; 5,5,5;

rest 2min between sets

Close Grip Bench Press Example

Every Minute On The Minute x 9mins

Close Grip Bench Press

1st Minute - 6 Reps

2nd Minute - 5 Reps

3rd Minute - 3 Reps

POWERFUL SUPERSETS - Daily Strength Balance Combinations

Strength balance supersets are a hallmark at FBB. These combinations will not only build great muscle and strength, but they will also ensure your joints become more resilient and durable for the long haul.

Single Leg and Core Example

Every 2:30 x 5 Sets

12 Suitcase Walking Lunges

12 Weighted or Bodyweight Hanging Knee Tucks

Unilateral Upper Body Push and Pull Example

3 Sets

1.Glute Bridge Single Arm DB Floor Press; 10-12/arm

rest 30sec

2.Tripod Elbowing Row; 10-12/arm

rest 60-90sec and back to 1

FUNCTIONAL PUMP CONDITIONING - Focused and Purposeful Intensity

Every session of Pillars has a Functional Pump Conditioning piece that is in the 10-15min range. These are designed to be a great introduction as to how we CONDITION with FBB. We use different formats to tackle different energy systems, muscle endurance, and aerobic spectrums.

Couplet of Couplets Example

4 Rounds For Time @ 85-90% effort

Row 250/200m

8 Dumbbell Burpees 50/35lbs

rest 2mins

4 Rounds For Time @ 85-90% effort

Row 250/200m

45sec Ring Plank or Floor Plank

rest 2mins

Hinging and Core Interval Example

3 Sets @ Sustained Pace

60sec Row @ moderate to tough pace

12 Russian Kettlebell Swings

12 KB Plank Pull Through

12 Box Jump Step Down 24/20"

Rest 60-90sec between sets


5 Days Per Week - 90 minutes, but includes Short on Time notes to reduce your session to 60-75 minutes.

PRE-FATIGUE and HOT STARTS - Begin Every Session on the Right Foot

PERFORM Hot Starts and Pre-Fatigue often include more intensity than other tracks. We will even put higher skill movements in this section. The understanding is that if you are doing this track, you welcome the challenges we set forth, even if it means sometimes you will struggle.

Shoulder and Breathing Hot Start Example

4-6 Sets

Row 200/160m

5 Sprawls

5 Yoga Push Ups

rest walk 45sec between sets

KB Skill Flow Example

3-4 Sets

10 KB Ballistic Rows

10 Alternating KB Clean from Floor

10 KB Switch Snatch

10 KB Diamond Push Ups

10 Underswitch to Crab Reach

rest as needed between sets


We like to explore both the traditional POWER LIFTS and the OLYMPIC LIFTS in Persist. We also intermittently offer KB cycling options for those who would prefer not to Olympic lift.

Speed Strength and KB Flow Example

Snatch Option

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Above Knee

2 Hang Muscle Snatch Below Knee

2 Hang Power Snatch

rest 45sec x 6-8 sets

Clean Option

2 Hang Muscle Clean Above Knee

2 Hang Muscle Clean Below Knee

2 Hang Power Clean

rest 45sec x 6-8 sets

KB Cycle Option

7 Dual KB Sumo Deadlift

6 Dual KB Russian Swings

5 Dual KB Clean

rest 45sec x 6-8 sets

Monday Squat Absolute Strength Example

3-4 Sets

1.Front Squat 11X1; 2.2 (rest 10sec between doubles)

rest 20sec

2. Back Squat 11X1; 3.3 (rest 10sec between triples)

rest 2-3mins


This is where we BULLETPROOF your body for the long haul. We train lots of single arm and single leg work in combination with bigger compound lifts.

Horizontal Push and Pull Example

3-4 Sets

1.1-1/4 Close Grip Bench Press; 4-6reps

rest 30sec

2.Dumbbell Bench Press 20X0; 8-10reps

rest 30sec

3.Single Arm Ring Row; 8-10/arm

rest 90-120sec and back 1

Friday Single Leg & Scapular Focused Strength Example

3 Sets

1.Suitcase Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat; 8-10/leg (no tempo)

rest 30sec

2.Mixed Grip Strict Pull-Ups; 11X1; 2.2 (rest 10sec between 2's and switch grip)

rest 30sec

3.DB External Rotation; 20X0; 8-10/arm

rest 90-120sec back to 1


Prepare yourself for several formats that will expose your weaknesses. We will test your skills, muscle endurance, and aerobic endurance.

Interval Olympic Lifting & Gymnastics Example

EMOM x 16-20mins

1st - 1 Power Clean + 2 Hang Squat Clean + 4 Bar Facing Burpees

2nd - 15-20sec Star Plank/side

3rd - 3-5 Bar Muscle Ups or 6-8 Pull Ups + 4 TnG Power Cleans

4th - 8-12 Box Jump Overs 24/20"

Muscle Endurance Example

3:30 AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible - Maintain Quality)

1200m Bike/960m Bike

12 Dumbbell Burpees

*then in remaining time: AMRAP Dumbbell Gorilla Row

Rest 1:30, repeat for a total of 2-3 Sets

3:30 AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible - Maintain Quality)

1200m Bike/960m Bike

16 Dumbbell Push Press 50/35lbs

*in remaining time: AMRAP Hand Release T Push Up

Rest 1:30, repeat for a total of 2-3 Sets


5 Days Per Week - Sessions are around 75mins with Short on Time notes for those who want a quicker session; 1 Full Body Resistance Day, 2 Lower Body Days, 2 Upper Body Days


Simple 10-15mins segments to start each session that focus on getting local muscles fatigued and inject your training with some extra cardio.

PreFatigue EMOM Example

EMOM x 9-12mins

1st - Lateral Box Step Down x 6/leg

2nd - Duck Walk 10-15m

3rd - Row 45sec (every 15sec increase pace slightly)

Aerobic Bodybuilding Example

Row 12-16mins continuously

Each minute get off the rower and complete

1st - 8 Diamond Push-Ups

2nd - 16 Heel Taps


These movements will remain consistent every other week so you can really build load and intensity.

Squat Day Example

3 Sets

1.Back Squat 4.4 @ 30X0 (rest 10sec with the bar on the rack between sets of 4)

rest 30sec

2.Cyclist Suitcase Squat - AMRAP in 20sec FAST REPS

rest 2-3mins and back to 1

Friday Hinge Day Example

3 Sets

1.Conventional Deadlift 4.4 @ 30X0 Tempo (10sec rest between 4's)

rest 30sec

2.Russian Kettlebell Swing - AMRAP in 30sec 70/53lbs

rest 2-3mins and back to 1


This is Metabolic Conditioning with a Hypertrophy Bias is perhaps the most UNIQUE aspect of FBB PUMP conditioning. It uses formats that allow you to really focus on the quality of your muscle contractions throughout the workout. We want you to breathe and experience aerobic fatigue, but we don’t want you to get distracted to the point where your movement gets sloppy.

Fatigued Abdominal Couplets

8min AMRAP:

Row 36/27 Calories - then in the time remaining

1-2-3-4-5....keep adding a rep per set:

Devils Press (50/35lbs)

2-4-6-8-10...keeping adding 2 reps per set:

V Ups

(Example: 1 Devils Press, 2 V Ups, 2 Devils Press, 4 V Ups, etc.)

rest 2-4mins

8min AMRAP:

Row 36/27 Calories -then in the time remaining

2-4-6-8-10....keep adding two reps per set

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch (50/35lbs)

Anchored Feet Sit Ups

Monday Power EMOM Lower Body Example

EMOM x 8-10mins

1st min- 10-sec Bike @ 100%

2nd min- 10 Dual KB Thrusters

rest as needed before second EMOM

EMOM x 8-10mins

1st min- 10 sec Bike @ 100%

2nd min- 8 DB Suitcase Box Step Overs (24/20")


5 Days Per Week - Completed in around 60 minutes, short on time notes available. Minimalist Equipment (Pair of Dumbbells, Pull Up Bar, Jump Rope, Step or Bench) and Bodyweight Options for every part of training (in case you don’t have any equipment).


Lower Body and Core Focus Example

4 Sets

Every 3:30 Complete

Run 200m

16 Alternating Cobra Reverse Lunges

8 Strict Toes to Bar (BW - V-Ups)

Bodyweight Pre Fatigue Example

3-4 sets

5/side Beast to Sit Through

5 Plank to Downdog

5/side Downdog Shoulder Taps

5 Yoga Pushup

Rest as needed between sets

*Try to perform each set with continuous motion.


Lower Body Example

3-4 sets

1.DB Goblet Squat; 21X1; 10-12 reps

-directly into-

2.Goblet Half Squat Pulse; as many reps as possible in 30-60seconds

rest 60-90 sec and then back to 1

Bodyweight Option:

1.Wall Sit x 45-60sec

-directly into-

2.Split Squat Pulse x 20-30sec/side

rest 60-90 sec and then back to 1

Shoulders and Glutes Example

3 sets

1.DB Upright Row; 2020; 8-12reps

rest 10-20sec

2.DB Glute Bridge; 20X0; 16-20reps

rest 20-30sec and back to 1

Bodyweight Option:

1.Quadruped Shoulder Taps; 20-30 (10-15/side)

rest 10 sec

2.Glute Bridges; 20X2; 16-20reps

rest 20 sec and back to 1


Upper Body Muscle Endurance Example

For Time

3 Rounds

2 Strict Handstand Push Up or Pike Strict HSPU or Downdog Handstand Pushups

12 Pillow Case Body Rows

-directly into-

3 Rounds

12 DB Push Press

12 DB Pendlay Row

-directly into-

3 Rounds

12 Hand Release Push-Up

12 Hanging Knee Tucks or 18 Tuck Ups

Bodyweight Option:


12 Good Morning Jumps

15 Sit Ups

18 Alternating Reverse Lunges (9/side)

rest 2mins


8 Burpee

12 Bodyweight Long Step Walking Lunges

16 Hollow Rocks

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