Rewards can show as pending for three reasons:

  1. All rewards initially show as pending until the qualifying transaction has been fully processed by your bank. This can take up to 10 days (although usually much quicker)

  2. At a business that has a returns policy, rewards will show as pending until the returns period has come to an end. For example, if you purchase a pair of shoes at a business that has a 30 days returns policy, your rewards from the purchase will move from pending balance to your available balance after 30 days. Click on the associated row in your Fygo wallet at any time to see when the cashback will finish pending

  3. If we have reason to believe that a transaction is suspicious, rewards may show as pending whilst we review the purchase. As soon as we’re sure everything’s fine, the rewards will be moved to your balance

If you believe that rewards are being shown as pending in error, you can chat with our team by clicking 'Chat with us' on the Account page in the app 💬

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