In addition to cashback, many businesses on Fygo have loyalty cards and offer loyalty rewards! Loyalty cards can be found on business' pages and in the credit section of the Wallet.

Every time you spend at a business with a loyalty card, you'll earn a point. Once you've collected enough points, you'll unlock credit, which you can then spend back at the business.

For example, the image above shows the loyalty card for 'Scoop Durham'. The user is currently on 1 point (meaning they have spent there once). When the user reaches three points, they will unlock £1.50 credit, which they can then redeem next time they spend at Scoop Durham. When the user makes another 5 purchases (taking them to 8 points), they will unlock an additional £2 credit, and so on!

Sometimes, a minimum spend is required to obtain a loyalty point. If this is the case, the minimum spend required is shown on the business' loyalty card. This can be seen in the image above, where the user must spend £5 or more to obtain a loyalty point at Zaps Burrito Bar.

Users can see the credit that they unlocked from loyalty cards by going to the Credit section of the Wallet!

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