After you make a qualifying purchase, you'll usually instantly receive a push notification informing you that our system picked up your qualifying transaction. The reward(s) you earn will then appear in a "pending" state in your Fygo wallet until the transaction has been processed fully by your bank. Your reward(s) will become available for you to withdraw to your bank once this "pending" period is complete (can take up to 10 days, but usually much quicker).

In some cases, you may not receive an instant notification following a qualifying transaction and your reward(s) may not appear as "pending" in your Fygo wallet. This depends on the type of payment processor the partner business uses. Rest assured, you will still receive your Fygo rewards! In these events, your rewards will appear in your Fygo wallet once the "pending" process has come to an end and your qualifying transaction has been processed fully by your bank.

If rewards from a qualifying transaction have not appeared or they still show as "pending" after 10 days, please get in touch with the team using the 'Chat with us' button on the Account tab in the app. We'll then look into it for you!

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