When you navigate to your My Expenses page, you will notice four distinct banners under which all your unreported expenses will be  available.

My expenses page

Draft: The expenses found under Draft state are expenses whose data is being automatically retrieved by the system. These could be expenses to which you have uploaded a receipt or a pdf to automatically extract data, or these could be receipts forwarded from your e-mail. After these expenses are processed, they will move to Ready to Report state if there are no policy violations. If the expense violates your company policy,  it will be reflected under Flagged banner, and if your expense violates a critical policy that disallows adding the expense to a report, it will be reflected under Cannot Report banner.

Flagged: Under this banner, you will find all expenses that have violated one or more of your organisation's expense policies. It is pertinent to know that the expenses found under Flagged banner will also be displayed under Ready to Report as Flagged expenses can be reported. The details of the policy violation will be displayed to the user and the approver as well.

Ready to Report: Under this banner, you will find all your expenses that are complete with all details, and also expenses with policy violations that can be reported. You can create an expense report by selecting expenses that are under this banner.

Cannot Report: The expenses that are found under Cannot Report are the ones which have violated critical policies of your organisation. When you click on the particular expense, you will view the details of the policy being violated. You will not be able to report these expenses without editing and ensuring these expenses adhere to your organisation's policies. If, after editing, a particular expense does not violate any critical policy, you will see that the expense will be moved back to the Ready to Report or Flagged state. 

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