Many times it is important to control which learners join your game sessions for example when you are running a workshop or you are testing your games internally.

Gamoteca provides an easy way to do custom game sessions. In order to do so, first you need to publish your game. Then, you can simply click on the context menu of your game and select the Organize game session option.

Next, a screen appears which lets you fill all the data related to your custom session event:

After you fill out the necessary data and hit Save, the link for your custom session appears.

At this point you are ready to invite learners to your game. You can click on the Copy to clipboard button to copy the game invite URL to your clipboard. When this is done, you can copy the URL to an email or presentation or any other platform and distribute it to your learners.

When the learners click on they will be redirected to the Gamoteca mobile app (or the browser app, if they open the link on the desktop) and they can join the game session. At this point they will be waiting for the event organiser to start the game. To see more about players' perspective, see this article.

Event facilitators will be able to monitor in real time the players who joined the game session. 

Learners are assigned to a team automatically based on the order of their arrival. In case you would like to move a learner to a different role or team or simply remove them, you can do so by clicking on the little down arrow next to the learner's name.

When all learners have joined and they are in the right team, you can press the Start game button. Learners are notified on the game start event and will start playing. You will be redirected to the Live monitoring overview and ready to monitor your the game flow. 

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