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Can I have more than one Gamoteca Team?
Can I have more than one Gamoteca Team?
When is it useful to have more than one team.
Written by Melisa Zelaya
Updated over a week ago

Yes, you’re able to have multiple teams but only if you’re subscribed to Gamoteca Enterprise, take a look at the differentiation below:

By upgrading to Gamoteca Pro you create a Team account for your company where you can manage:

  • Billing details for the account

  • Workspaces for your team

  • Invite Team Account managers and Billing dmins

With Gamoteca Pro you’re able to manage a Team of various members collaborating in game creation, but if you’re interested in scaling game creation across multiple unrelated teams, then you should purchase a Gamoteca Enterprise Subscription.

Gamoteca Enterprise is customizable according to the needs of a team, which allows for the creation and management of various teams.

To read more about Gamoteca Enterprise, please read this.

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