Video Transcript

Welcome to GaryAI.

Let’s start supercharging your marketing content.

Gary is an AI who writes original content that's never existed before. Gary has learned from reading all of the content on the internet. So he can understand your marketing objectives and provide relevant language.

However, like a search engine, the quality of Gary’s writing is tied to the prompts you provide.

If you search google for a mouse, you’re going to find too many mice to be useful or the wrong kind. In Gary’s case the language will be too generic.

This is a mouse for your computer and this one is for your boa constrictor.

On the opposite end, if you are too specific you may not find any mice that fit your needs.

For Gary this means provide too long an input, he’ll have no room to be creative and embellish on your ideas.

Here I copied in the entire product description from the Logitech website. Where there are too many conflicting ideas to process.

We’ll help you find the happy medium and provide Gary with just enough information to understand your objectives.

Each copy generator is unique and has been trained on the highest converting copy of that type. From product descriptions to facebook ads, and each generator takes a unique set of inputs.

Throughout the site, you'll find videos and examples to guide how you speak with Gary for him to write the best content possible.

And remember, every time you hit that generate button, the result will be something new and different, so experiment, try out the different generators, and accelerate your creativity.

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