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Let’s create remarkable product descriptions for your eCommerce store, agency, or small business.

In a few simple steps,

Whether you sell consumer products or professional services. Gary has been trained to elaborate on the features you provide.

Here’s what Gary is looking for

A descriptive name for your product to understand the content of what you’re selling.

And 2 to 4 comma separated features. Gary will elaborate on each of these features and tie them together into a paragraph.

Notice these three examples follow the product name and comma separated features format.

Let’s say I run an Etsy store that sells beautiful decorative wall hangings.

My art director creates a new print every day, and I need captivating descriptions to post in Instagram, Facebook and of course on my store.

I’ll choose my latest piece, a Mid Century Mountain Wall Hanging.

Gary is going to drop this entire product name into the output as a single phrase. So while it’s a slightly longer name, I like the sound of it.

On to the features. My product page has a lot of things I could talk about. However, I’m better of choosing 4, generating a product description, and choosing four more.

I’m going to avoid copying the whole page into the generator. If I do that, Gary will get confused and write about something different every time.

Instead, I’ll choose handmade, metal frame, canvas, last 100 years ... click generate, and notice that Gary writes one sentence for each of these features, in a way that makes my painting sound appealing and ready to buy.

As always, feel free to experiment, entering 8 features creates a reasonable description, while including 1 feature creates a completely generic description. With an AI generated youtube video link that goes nowhere.

This will change per product with 2-4 features being ideal.

Remember, Every time you click the generate button you’ll receive a unique idea.

Now it’s time to combine and quickly edit your outputs, so you can publish your content, and increase your sales.

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