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Here’s how to optimize your inputs for the Attention Interest Desire Action formula.

Whether you’re making a landing page, marketing funnel, or ad campaign, this age-old marketing formula outlines the journey you should take your prospects though from the moment they become aware of their problem, to the moment they ultimately make a decision to purchase.

The inputs that generate the best results for this formula. Take the following Mad Libs style formula.

First What’s your business name or domain, no we don't scrape your domain in real time, so there’s disadvantage to using your business name. Users have experimented with well known websites, specific product pages, and obscure websites, sometimes the associations Gary makes between a URL and a product are surprising, so experiment.

For the solution itself, Gary is trained to understand

{what is the product} that helps {a person} {accomplish something}

For example.

MyPillow is a pillow that helps restless sleepers wake up feeling refreshed

Etsy is a website that helps creatives sell their products online

Airbnb is a website that helps travelers stay in homes

Now it’s your turn to experiment and discover an amazing way to phrase your ideas to create the perfect outputs.

While we recommend our formula, You can type anything into the prompts.

And remember, every time you press the generate button you’ll get a unique result. So experiment. We can’t wait to read the original content you create.

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