Genially creations start by choosing a template. Once you've chosen, you can edit and share it with your audience. In this article you, we'll tell you about the basics of templates and how to edit them.

  • What types of creations are there? 

  •  How to preview templates 

  • Why can't I choose the template I want?

What types of creations are there?

In Genially, there are many types of categories where you'll find creations you can make brilliant content with. These are the categories:

  1. Presentation

  2. Infographics

  3. Gamification

  4. Interactive Image

  5. Video presentation

  6. Guide

  7. Training materials

  8. More

  9. Blank Creation

Professionals in companies and the media can get stunning results without knowing anything about programming. The professional content you can create with Genially includes: presentations, dossiers, infographics, interactive images, business training, etc.

Education professionals can create interactive learning experiences that improve concentration and engagement for their students. The educational resources you can create with Genially are infographics, maps, quizzes, gamifications, timelines, presentations, etc.

You can also take advantage of Genially’s versatility and create marketing content to promote your courses, products or campaigns with templates you'll find.

You can also unleash your imagination with blank templates where you can insert your own content and create unique geniallys with a signature look.

You can look through the different categories or use the search bar to find what you're looking for:

How to preview templates

When you click on a template, you'll see its content and pages, allowing you to make sure it fits your needs. you can learn about the features it offers before choosing it.

If you've found the perfect template but don't need all the pages in it, don't worry; you can choose all of its pages or just select the ones you like most. Below, we'll show you how:

Remember that you can choose to start creating from scratch, but if you're new to Genially, we recommend starting from predesigned templates. You can customize and adapt them with Genially, of course.

Why can't I choose the template I want?

Some templates are free and other are Premium, depending on the plan you have, you can use all the templates or just the free ones.

Keep in mind that the free templates are always free, and you can edit and share them online as many times as you need. You can easily recognize the Premium templates because they're marked with a Star, and you'll only be able to use them if you have one of our Premium plans.

To quickly see which templates you can use as a user with a free plan, filter them within each category. Here's how:

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