Choice boards, which allow for easily adapted learning, are a popular classroom and eLearning tool. By giving students options for how they want to explore lesson material, you give them the opportunity to become the protagonists of their own learning.

You can set them up with a point system, assigning different point values to each activity and asking students to complete activities until they reach a certain total point value. To simplify further, you can ask students to simply choose X number of activities. If you do so, make sure the activities you've included are of comparable difficulty or take a similar amount of time to complete.

Here's the full, reusable version of this choice board for anyone interested.

To create your own choice board like the one pictured above, open the choice board template (You'll need to have registered for a free Genially account and logged in) :

1. Click on Create Genially, the first option found on the left menu bar.

2. You can either type choice board into the search bar that appears or find it among other templates by clicking on Horizontal Infographic and searching for it within the sub-category Review.

3. Click on the template once you've found it and click on Use This Template. You'll be taken to the Editor where you can edit the choice board template.

It's time to start editing!

1. Begin by editing the titles and subtitles. You can change the color and size of your text on the horizontal tool bar above the canvas.

2. Next, add descriptions to the buttons below each activity title by clicking on a button and then on the interactivity hand icon that appears above it. We'll choose the Window option, made for adding text, images, video, etc. that take up more space than a line or so of text. Type in your description for an activity and click Save.

3. Add images, videos and more to your descriptions for a more complete experience using the same interactivity hand icon option as in Step 2. Use the insert options on the toolbar within the Window editor that appears to do so.

4. Add interactivity to the Info button* found below the activities just as you did with the activity buttons in step 2 but this time, in a tooltip instead of a window. This way, your directions will appear in a chat bubble when students hover their cursor over it.

5. Want more? Add animation effects. You can click on one elements or select multiple elements to animate by adding entrance, exit, continuous and hover animation effects. To add an animation effect to an element, select it and then click on the animation comet icon that appears above it. You'll be able to choose the type of animation effect you'd like to apply and modify the time of entrance of elements and the speed at which they enter.

* You can also change the color of the info button. The info button is made of three separte elements to make it entirely customizable (the word info, a + symbol, and a rounded shape). In order to edit one aspect of it, you'll need to ungroup the elements first. To learn more about grouping and ungrouping elements, check out this article.

Still reading? It's time to make something truly awesome!

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