Customizing the colors of your creation has never been easier. Now you can choose up to 3 colors (primary, secondary and tertiary) for your creation and apply them to almost any element including text, interactive elements, and your favorite buttons.

The main advantage of using template colors is that with a single click, you can change out the colors of all the elements you’d like. This allows you to quickly try and see which color palette best fits your creation.

It’s as simple as opening the template colors settings page found in the bottom corner of the Editor and choosing the 3 colors you’d like to feature in your creation. You can also try out the color palettes we’ve included in this same section.

Once chosen, start applying your template colors to customize your design. With this feature, you can change multiple elements of any given color simultaneously or change the color of any element by selecting it as you always have.

Titles? Use your primary color. Interactive buttons? Let’s try the secondary color. Bodies of text? The tertiary color may make most sense here. The use of template colors improves your design and ensures visual harmony in your creation.

Tip: Keep in mind that only a Pro Plan or higher allows you to set a secondary and tertiary color.

There are as many combinations as colors in the universe. Unleash your imagination and try different color combinations until you find what best fits your creation. Plus, you can reuse your genially to try completely different looks.

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