We’re sure that you’ve wanted to share your best Genially creations with the world before, the creations you put all your creativity into, and those with which you feel like you've taken a giant step in creating amazing content. Sharing your geniallys one by one is great, but being able to share them all together on one page is even better.

Introducing the Genially social profile, a personal page where you can show your creations to as many people as you like. It’s like a museum for your geniallys! By default, activating this space will make your creations public and reusable, but you can decide at any time which geniallys you want to display or stop displaying.

To activate your page and show off your creations, you'll need to verify your Genially account if you haven't already. Visit this article to learn how to do it - it’s easy peasy!

5 steps to activate your social profile

  1. Go to your user profile

  2. Once inside, activate your social profile

    To use this function, you need to verify your account with Genially. If you have not already done so, please visit this article and follow the steps to verify it.

  3. Choose a name for your social profile. Please note that this name will be visible in your social profile link and you will not be able to change it later. Be sure to choose a name that fits you perfectly.

    Your username must meet some requirements. But nothing that’ll stop you from choosing a great name!

    • You will only be able to use letters, numbers, and underscores. This will make it easier to remember!

    • The length must be from 3 to 30 characters

    • You will not be able to change it later.

  4. When you finish typing your username, check if it is available by clicking Validate.

  5. You're almost there! Click the Activate Profile button.

If you have followed these steps, your social profile is already activated. Now you can choose which creations you want to show the world. In the next step, we’ll show you how to add geniallys to your page.

Add creations to your social profile

If you’ve reached this step your social profile is already active, so now let's see how you can add your creations:

  1. Go to creation, to that amazing genially you want to share

  2. Go to the menu in the upper right corner and click Preferences

  3. Go to Privacy

  4. Check the option Show on my social profile. Your creation will be made public and will automatically appear on your social profile.

    Note: Private creations will never be displayed on your social profile.

  5. Click Done

Repeat this process for all the creations you want to add to your social profile. We’re sure you’ve got a lot of good ones to share!

Complete your description

Now it’s time to complete your description. You can talk about yourself or the theme of your geniallys. You have 180 characters to tell the world who you are and what makes you so special.

Share your profile and show off your creations!

Once you've completed the steps above, you're ready to share your social profile link with anyone. You can also add it to your social media or even within your creations to generate more traffic to your profile.

Learn all about the social profile at Genially Academy.

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