Step 1: Sign-up - Create an Account

Find the "Sign-up" button, input your cell number and create your Genio account. You will receive an SMS containing a 4 digit code to authenticate your account.

Step 2: Invite Teammates

Go to the People section and create your teammates profiles. Make sure to add their Cell Number so they automatically receive an invitation to download the app via SMS

Note: Your teammates will now be able to log into Genio as "Worker" from the log in page. They don't need to sign-up, you already did for them

Step 3: Create your first Team

Create your first Team and select a leader for that team. Each team member will have access to the App (as Worker) and will be able to see their assigned jobs and relevant customer information.

Step 4: Create your first Customer/Location Profile

Go to People section and hit the "+" button. 

You must add the customers address, this way your teams will know where to go!

Don't forget to give a Name to the Location (required), for example "Home", "Office", "Vacation Home"

Step 5: Schedule your first Job or Shift

Go to Schedule section and hit the "+" button. Now you can easily create Job Orders or Shifts and start populating your Schedule.

Note: Each Job/Shift must be assigned to a specific Team and Customer/Location. Jobs/Shifts can be scheduled one-time or recurring (daily, every week or every month)

Also See - What's the difference between a Manager and a Worker?

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