Genio is the #1 Productivity App designed for the millions of Teams who are always on the go. We make Team Scheduling, Chat, Attendance with Face ID, Location, and Task Management a breeze. Join free.

Genio is the Industry Leader bringing a digital transformation on the way teams do their job around the world. 

Now all work teams, managers, supervisors, and staff can be easily connected inside the Genio platform.  In a few clicks, you can sign-up team members, create group chats, schedule shifts, assign tasks, and track their location.

Praised in the press: Fox, CBS, Silicon Valley Business Journal, Univision, El Pais 


  • Available on Android, iPhone and the Web
  • Face ID Attendance: Team members can check-in and check-out with just a few clicks from any smartphone. Genio verifies the identity of the team member through cutting-edge face recognition
  • See who's check-in/out in real-time on any job
  • Create 1:1 and group chats
  • Locate your teams in real-time on the map.
  • Dispatching: Easily manage teams schedule, assign tasks and work orders from a centralized calendar. Add the instructions, date, time, place and assign them directly to the different leaders of your staff teams
  • Effective communication: Easy-access buttons to quickly call, chat or view the calendar of each of your teams
  • Assign tasks to all your team members. Track the progress in real-time   
  • In a few clicks, you can sign-up team members, create teams and assign team leaders
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