Here’s our simple guide to using Geo’s cloud-based job management solution to schedule jobs, manage and communicate with your team in the field and track costs.

In this guide we will take your through the key areas of Geo:

  • Creating Clients
  • Creating Staff
  • Creating Jobs
  • Scheduling Jobs with Bookings
  • Map
  • Tracking Labour and Materials on a Job (Billables)

Creating Clients

To create a Job, you have to have already created a Client to assign to the Job. Here’s what a Client card looks like:

On a Client card, you will be able to see your client’s details, such as the client’s name, company, email and phone number. You can also see any Jobs or Invoices the client is already linked to by clicking on the JOBS or INVOICES tab in the Client card.

If you want to learn more about how to create and manage your client’s details, here's an article that will help:

Creating Staff

Before you start creating Jobs, you need Staff in your system so you can assign them to Job Bookings. Staff members are exactly that, the staff in your company that are going to be using Geo. From Admins to Contractors you can set up a range of permission levels to ensure your data is safe, while maintaining efficiency. Here is a what a Staff card looks like:

On the Staff Card you’ll see details about your staff member including their Role (permission level) as well as being able to see what Jobs they are currently assigned to by clicking on the JOBS tab.

To learn more about how to create and manage your staff, here’s a more detailed article to show you how.

Creating Jobs

This is a Job Card, it has all the details of your Job in one place. This is where you can find anything to do with quotes for the job, materials & labour (BILLABLES), notes or any invoices for the job. It’s where you can go to record and monitor everything related to a job.

If you want to learn more about what goes into creating and managing a job here's an article to help you:

Scheduling Jobs with Bookings

Now that you know how add Clients, Staff members and Jobs into Geo, it’s time to bring it all together with Bookings. In Geo, a booking is an appointment in the form of a time slot associated with a job. A booking can be created with or without a staff member assigned, as long as the job already exists. You can assign staff to a booking at the time you create the booking, or after the booking has been created.

To learn more about how to use bookings to schedule your work take a look at this article:


The Map is there to help you locate your staff on the road as well as get a real world understanding of where your jobs are. It’s designed to help you gauge which jobs should be done first, or which staff member is closest to a job. You’ll notice there are numbers on some of the pins, this means that area has what we call a ‘cluster’ of jobs or staff. You can zoom in to see more details about the different jobs or staff in the cluster.

Tracking Labour and Materials on a Job (Billables)

Billables in Geo are separated into Materials and Labour which can be used to input your chargeable items required by your business. It is important to note, that only an Admin will be able to access Billables. Adding Billables is simple, to show you how to create your Billables click this article:

To show you how to assign your Billables to a job, click this article:

The Geo customer service team are here for you 24/7 you can contact us via phone, email or chat box - all the details can be found here:

Welcome to Geo and making it easier out there!

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