The following 5 steps will help you set up Geo to manage every aspect of your business, from staff and workflow through to clients and invoicing. Follow this step-by-step guide to start using Geo today!

To start you'll need to know how to access the Geo desktop and navigate the Dashboard:

Adding in the correct company information will give you smart scheduling and enable you to generate quotes and invoices at the press of a button:

Taxes aren't fun, but they are important. This step shows you how to add the tax info, billables and client information needed to conduct your business:

What's a business without staff? This step shows you how to add staff members, and set up their types of leave:

No two businesses are alike, and in this step we show you how to customise elements of your workflow to tailor your Geo experience:

Need help? You can always reach out to our wonderful support staff, or book in a training session with one of our Onboarding Managers to help you with setup.

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