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Automated Email and SMS Reminders for Jobs
Automated Email and SMS Reminders for Jobs

Learn how to automatically remind your clients prior to any job, saving you time, reducing no-show rate and improving customer satisfaction.

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GeoOp introduces a new feature that allows users to automate the process of sending email and SMS reminders to clients before scheduled jobs. This feature offers significant benefits by saving time and reducing the number of no-shows, resulting in improved efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Overview of Automated Job Reminders

The automated email and SMS reminders in GeoOp serve as proactive notifications to clients, ensuring that they are aware of upcoming job appointments. These reminders can be triggered one week before the scheduled job and/or the day before the job, depending on the user's preferences. By implementing this feature, you can streamline your communication efforts, enhance client engagement, and mitigate the inconvenience caused by no-shows.

Value of Using Automated Job Reminders

The utilisation of GeoOp's automated email and SMS reminders brings several advantages:

  • Time-saving: By automating the reminder process, you can save valuable time that would otherwise be spent manually contacting clients. This allows you to focus on essential tasks and optimise your team's productivity.

  • Reduced no-show rates: No-shows, where clients are absent during scheduled appointments, can disrupt your workflow, waste resources, and lead to rescheduling efforts. Automated reminders significantly reduce the likelihood of no-shows by ensuring that clients are reminded of their upcoming job bookings, resulting in better attendance and punctuality.

  • Improved customer satisfaction: By sending timely reminders, you will demonstrate professionalism and commitment to your clients. Proactive communication helps build trust, enhances the overall customer experience, and reinforces positive relationships between you and your clients.

  • Streamlined operations: With automated reminders in place, you can establish a systematic and consistent approach to client communication. By minimising manual intervention, the risk of human error is reduced, and processes become more efficient and reliable.

Enabling Automated Job Reminders on your account

Follow these steps to enable email and/or SMS reminders for jobs:

  1. Log in to your GeoOp account with your credentials.

  2. Access the Settings page.

  3. Locate the "Messaging" section and click on it.

  4. In the Messaging settings, you will find options for email and SMS reminders. You will be able to select what reminder to use:

    1. Reminder sent 1 week before any job

    2. Reminder sent the day before any job

  5. Tick the checkbox corresponding to "Email Reminders" to enable email reminders for jobs.

  6. If you have SMS functionality enabled, tick the checkbox corresponding to "SMS Reminders" to enable SMS reminders for job bookings. If you haven't enabled SMS functionality, this checkbox won't be disabled until SMS is activated.

    1. For more details about how to enable SMS on your account, check that article.

  7. Once you have selected your preferred reminder options, click on the "Save" or "Apply" button to save the changes.

Please note that only an administrators can enable automated reminders on your account.

Disabling Job Reminders for Specific Clients

Once the job reminder feature is enabled in your GeoOp account, it will be automatically applied to all your clients by default. However, there may be instances where you prefer not to send reminders to specific clients. GeoOp provides you with the flexibility to disable job reminders on an individual client basis, allowing you to tailor the reminder settings according to your requirements.

To disable job reminders for a specific client, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the corresponding client's page in your GeoOp account.

  2. Toggle the "Job reminder email" or "Job reminder SMS" switch to disable reminders for that particular client.

  3. Save the changes, and job reminders will no longer be sent to that client.

Reminder sent 1 week before any job

  1. Improved Preparedness: By sending a reminder a week in advance, clients have ample time to prepare for the upcoming job. They can make any necessary arrangements, gather required materials, or complete any pre-work tasks, ensuring that everything is ready when you arrive. This reduces delays, enhances efficiency, and contributes to a smoother overall workflow.

  2. Minimised Scheduling Conflicts: Reminding clients a week in advance allows them to review their schedules and identify any potential conflicts. If the appointment clashes with another commitment, clients have sufficient time to reschedule and avoid the inconvenience of having to cancel or reschedule the job at the last minute. This reduces the likelihood of no-shows and last-minute changes, optimising the utilisation of resources and minimising disruptions.

  3. Enhanced Client Engagement: Proactively reaching out to clients a week before the job demonstrates professionalism and care. It gives clients a sense of importance and reassurance that their upcoming job is being given due attention. By establishing early communication, you will build rapport, answer any questions or concerns, and foster positive client relationships.

Email sent to the client 1 week before any job

SMS sent to the client 1 week before any job

Reminder sent the day before any job

  1. Fresh Recall of Appointment: As the job day approaches, clients may have multiple commitments and tasks on their minds, increasing the likelihood of forgetting about the scheduled job. Sending a reminder the day before serves as a prompt, ensuring that the job appointment stays top of mind. This helps reduce the chances of clients forgetting about the job and failing to be present, resulting in a smoother workflow and reduced no-show rates.

  2. Last-Minute Adjustments: Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances or changes in client availability may arise the day before the job. By sending a reminder at this point, you have an opportunity to confirm the appointment, address any last-minute concerns, and make necessary adjustments if required. This proactive communication helps you plan your day effectively, manage resources, and make any necessary adaptations to the job schedule, if needed.

  3. Punctuality and Time Management: The day-before reminder emphasises the importance of timeliness and punctuality for both you and the client. By reminding clients about the scheduled job, it encourages them to organise their day and be present during the appointed time. This reduces waiting times, optimises the use of resources, and ensures a timely completion of the job, contributing to overall customer satisfaction.

Email sent to the client the day before any job

SMS sent to the client the day before any job

Benefits of SMS Reminders: Immediate, Engaging, and Long Run Cost-Saving

While GeoOp offers the option to send automated reminders via both email and SMS, utilising SMS reminders, despite the additional cost, can bring significant benefits to you and your clients.

  • Immediate and Attention-Grabbing: SMS reminders have a higher likelihood of being read promptly, capturing clients' attention and ensuring timely awareness of upcoming jobs.

  • Convenient and Accessible: SMS notifications can be quickly viewed on mobile devices, allowing clients to stay informed even while on the go, without requiring an internet connection.

  • Higher Engagement and Response Rate: SMS messages have higher open and response rates compared to email, facilitating two-way communication, rescheduling if needed, and addressing concerns in real-time.

  • Cost-Efficient in the Long Run: While SMS reminders may incur additional costs, the potential benefits of reduced no-shows, improved client communication, and enhanced efficiency can outweigh the investment, leading to cost savings over time.

  • Competitive Advantage and Customer Satisfaction: Investing in SMS reminders demonstrates professionalism, ensures higher attendance rates, smoother scheduling, and strengthens client relationships, ultimately contributing to a more successful and efficient operation.

Tips & Recurring Questions

Can I disable reminders for some of my clients?

Yes, once job reminder feature is enabled on your account, it will automatically enable it for your existing clients. To disable it for some clients, simply head to the corresponding client page and untick the email and/or SMS job reminder toggles.

What if a job has been rescheduled, will the reminder be sent?

Yes, if a job is rescheduled to a later date after a reminder was sent, a new reminder will be sent based on the new date.

My clients have no first/last name. How will the reminders look like?

Job reminders are personalised and addressed to your clients, which maximises opening rates.

  • The email job reminders will include the client's first and/or last name

  • The SMS job reminders will include the client's first name only

However, if you are not capture the first and last name of your clients in GeoOp, then the reminder will be generic and start by "Hi there".

Can I customise the content of the reminders?

This is currently not possible. The reminders are dynamically generated based on the templates showing above. In order for the reminders to be sent to your clients with the correct information, make sure that the following information on your account are correct:

  • Company Name

  • Company Phone

  • Company Email

  • Company Logo

  • Company Sender ID (available in Australia and United Kingdom only)

These information will be automatically included in the email or SMS reminder for your clients to be able to identify you as sender of the message and give them a clear way to contact you if required.

Can I customise the timing the reminders are sent?

This is currently not possible. Depending on the country of your GeoOp account, the reminders are scheduled to be sent according to the schedule below. These times have been defined based on industry standards to maximising the opening rate.


Estimated reminder time


Between 10am and 11am (AEST)

New Zealand

Between 10am and 11am (NZST)

United Kingdom

Between 9am and 10am (UTC)

United States

Between 10am and 11am (CDT)

Other Countries

Between 8am and 9am (UTC)

Can SMS reminders be sent to mobile numbers outside of my country?

This is currently not possible. GeoOp only allows you to send SMS to numbers that are located in the same country than you. If a client has a mobile number with a prefix different to your account's country, the SMS reminders to that client will not be sent.

How much do SMS messages cost?

The cost of SMS depends on your country. For detailed SMS pricing by country, please refer to this article.

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