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How Subscription Packages work on
How Subscription Packages work on
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Subscriptions on Streamlining Your Revenue Stream introduces a seamless way for service providers to secure steady income & maximise booking frequency through customizable subscription programs.

Here's a snapshot of how to setup subscription packages on

1. Configure your own Subscription Packages:

Set up your subscription packages directly in the app, with flexible periods—monthly, quarterly, or annual.

Easily configure the number of bookings included and set prices that reflect the value and demand of your services.

2. Recurring Bookings, Simplified:

a. Clients can specify their preferred weekday, time, and frequency interval for their recurring bookings.

b. The app then works to secure these specific slots for them, offering close alternatives when exact matches aren’t available. This ensures clients have the flexibility to confirm the slots that best suit their needs.

c. Once a client sets up their preferences, you receive a request. You can either confirm all recurring bookings at once for or review each one individually.

3. Instant Payout, No Delays:

A standout feature of's subscriptions is the instant payout system. Unlike traditional models, where payment is processed post-service, ensures you receive your fees as soon as a client subscribes, enhancing your cash flow.

The Key Advantage:

Subscriptions provide a predictable and regular income, essential for the stability of any service provider. It transforms how you engage with clients, shifting from one-time appointments to ongoing relationships.

Boost Your Home service business with

Ready to streamline your income and client management?'s subscription model is here to elevate your home service business. For assistance in setting up and optimizing your subscription packages, the support team is always ready to help.

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