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Chip's Savings Accounts Explained

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We're pleased to be able to offer a variety of savings accounts to meet the needs of every user. Before you decide which is right for you, allow us to lay out the facts...

Chip Instant Access Account

The Chip Instant Access account provides near-instant deposits and withdrawals, and offers 4.84% AER (Variable), paid on the entire balance up to £250,000. All this while the funds you deposit are protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up to £85,000*.

Prize Savings Account

Our Prize Savings account gives users the chance to win up to £10,000 every month, free of charge. Simply by holding an average monthly balance of over £100, every £10 you deposit will be classed as an entry into our prize draw. Along with the £10K grand prize, we will have hundreds of winners of smaller prizes from £10 and up. Winners are randomly selected within a week of the end of the month. Your balance is available to withdraw at any time without penalty, but entries are only made based on held balance.

This account is free to open and has a maximum balance of £85,000 and offers FSCS protection* through our partners at ClearBank.

*Please note that the £85,000 FSCS-protected amount is shared between the Chip Instant Access Account and the Prize Savings Account.

Allica Easy Access

The Allica Easy Access account is provided in partnership with Allica Bank and Flagstone, who offer full FSCS protection. This is an easy-access account meaning you can withdraw at any time.

Our Allica account offers compounding interest, which is paid into the account daily. Currently, the rate on offer is 1.10% AER. We're constantly negotiating better rates for our users and we have a proven track record of increasing rates.

This account is free to open and has a maximum balance of £85,000.

Oaknorth 90-Day Notice

This account is provided by our partners at Oaknoth and Flagstone, who offer full FSCS protection. This is a notice account, meaning any withdrawals you make will be subjected to a 90-day notice period before we can begin sending the money to you. With a rate of 4.10% AER currently, this account offers compounding interest that is paid on a monthly basis.
This account is free to open and has a maximum balance of £85,000.

Legacy Accounts

We no longer offer the following accounts to new users, but some longstanding Chip users might have any of the following accounts:

  • HTB

  • Chip+1

  • E-Wallet

If you need help with any of these accounts, please contact us via the profile tab in the app or by emailing us at

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