You can withdraw your funds in the 'Accounts' tab which you'll see along the bottom of the app - please select which account you want to withdraw from then on the next screen tap the ‘Withdraw’ button below your balance and confirm the amount.

Withdrawals from The Allica Easy Access account will take 1-2 working days.

Withdrawals from the HTB account will also take 1-2 working days.

Withdrawals from Chip+1:

If you withdraw before 11 am your money will take 1 working day to reach your linked current account

If you withdrew after 11 am it will take 2 working days.

If your withdrawal contains bonus from a promotion or rate, these funds will arrive in your account as a separate transaction within 48 hours (please note that deposits into Chip+1 accounts take 3 working days to process before they can be withdrawn).

Withdrawals from the Chip Savings Account

These will take a few minutes (please up to 2 hours)

If your withdrawal from the Chip Savings Account contains bonus funds, your principal funds will arrive on the same day and bonus funds will arrive up to 2 working days later as a separate transaction.

Withdrawals from an Investment fund

Please allow 3-5 working days. More information here

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