You can cancel or adjust any save before it goes ahead (before 3pm!) - This can be done by clicking on the save within the app, which will give you the options :)

You can also ask Chip to increase or decrease the amount it saves by heading over to Savings Level (also in Settings). 1 is the lowest option, whereas 5 is highest!

You can also pause auto-savings - just head over to the auto-save settings section on the Profile tab. You can select ‘Skip auto-saves’ near the bottom of the options. From here you can select how long you wish to skip saves for, 1 week, 2 weeks or a date of your choice.

To resume savings, just head back here and select "Cancel" on the big red tab in the Skip saves section.

Should you wish for a more lengthy stop, we have the option to entirely disable autosaves - which can also be seen from the Autosave Settings, by disabling this toggle at the top of the page :)

Please note - You will need to be on the app version 4.31 or above to see this feature!

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