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How do I close/delete my account?
How do I close/delete my account?
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If you would like to close your Chip account, head over to the Profile tab in your Chip app and scroll down to Delete Account to be put through to our Customer Success Team. From here, select Send us a Message and then I want to close my Chip account at the bottom of the screen.

Please carefully follow the steps on-screen and one of the team will assist you with finalising the closure of your account.

We're sorry you want to go and we'd love to know why you wish to close or if there's anything we can do that could help change your mind. If it's a question or concern, if you need us to sort a problem or if it's just any feedback to help us improve the Chip experience, please let the team know and we can assist you!

Please note: Uninstalling/deleting the app from your phone will not close your account and final closure must be completed by one of the team - once you have followed through the full deletion flow, you'll receive confirmation that your account closure is being processed. You will not be able to access the app or your closed accounts after deletion.

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