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A detailed look at what funds you can access through ChipX.

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A ChipX membership will give you access to our full range of investment funds from BlackRock. In this article we'll take a look at what funds you can access exclusively through our premium membership plan.

​Please note: Chip can't provide financial advice so you may want to seek guidance from a qualified professional if you are unsure or have detailed questions around investing. Your capital is at risk

Firstly we have our Expertly Managed funds that come from the BlackRock MyMap range. These are actively managed funds, which means they have a fund manager closely monitoring performance and working to grow the fund. They are..

Cautious X:

Risk rating: 4/7

Official name: MyMap4.

Balanced X:

Risk rating: 5/7

Official name: MyMap5.

Adventurous X:

Risk rating: 5/7

Official name: MyMap6.

These funds are guided by the principles of being “simple, risk-managed, cost-effective and diversified”. The MyMap range are multi-asset funds made up of exchange traded funds, index funds, stocks, bonds, commodities and cash. Active investment management aims to outperform the market index which could mean higher returns, but with that comes increased risk.

Next we have our Ethical funds.

We know many of you have asked us about investing ethically through Chip, so with ChipX we're delighted to bring you funds that look to only purchase shares or bonds from companies designated as being socially, environmentally and morally responsible and avoid organisations and sectors that go against these principles and don’t align with the values of the individual choosing to invest.

Ethical X:

Risk rating: 5/7

Official name: MyMap 5 Select ESG Fund

Clean Energy:

Risk rating: 6/7

Official name: iShares Global Clean Energy UCITS ETF

These are built with responsible Environmental, Social and Governance (called "ESG" in industry terminology) practices in mind; allowing you to invest in the things that matter to you. Factors taken into consideration when applying ESG characteristics include the contribution a company makes to climate change through carbon emissions, human rights and labour standards and if a corporation is being run in the right way.

BlackRock have put together these funds and it is their view that these funds reflect ESG characteristics.

Finally, we have our Thematic funds.

Thematic investing means putting your money to work in funds that invest in powerful, transformative forces that could change the global economy, business and society and the way we live for centuries and trying to find the next big thing.

Although specific to a theme, these funds do still spread your money into hundreds of different assets, but by focusing on one theme you may be more exposed to market downturns than you would be with more diverse funds.

Our first two funds are aimed at relevant themes as the world recovers post-Covid.

Emerging Markets:

Risk rating: 6/7

Official name: BlackRock Emerging Markets Fund

Healthcare Innovation:

Risk rating: 6/7

Official name: iShares Healthcare Innovation UCITS ETF

The Emerging Markets Fund invests at least 70% of its total assets in the equity securities (e.g. shares) of companies incorporated or listed on a stock exchange in emerging market countries. Healthcare Innovation: is an index composed of companies which are generating significant revenues from specific sectors focused on pushing the boundaries in medical treatment and technology.

For the latest information regarding the average annual returns per fund, please refer to the app where you will see this information listed on each fund.

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