What’s the new referral scheme?

We’ve made some changes to our referral scheme to reward our loyal Chip savers for inviting friends to Chip. Now when you refer someone, they get £10 and so do you!

How do I get started?

Firstly! Please update your app to the latest version you need to be on Chip version 4.20.1 to see our new referral scheme. It’s easy to update, just head to the App Store if you use an iOS device, or the Play Store if you’re on Android.

I've got the latest version, how do I refer my friends to Chip?

Simple! Open your Chip app..

  1. Head to your Profile tab and look for the ‘Earn and Track Rewards/Promos & Referrals’’ section (there’s a few prompts on the Home screen too).

  2. From there, tap on ‘Get £10. Give £10’, and your referral code will appear on the screen, share it with whoever you want to refer.

How many people can I invite?

You can invite as many people to Chip as you like. After they start saving with Chip, you get £10 each. There is no limit. Please be aware, they must be a brand new user to be eligible*

When is my £10 bonus awarded?

If you are referring someone to Chip, you will be eligible for a £10 bonus when your friend who has redeemed your code has successfully signed up to Chip as a new user*, made a deposit into any Chip account and been with Chip for a minumum of 30 days. When these criteria have been met, your bonus will be paid the next working day.

When does my friend get their £10 bonus?

They need to download Chip (must be a new user*) and enter your referral code within 7 days. They then need to make a deposit and be an active Chip customer for at least 30 days to receive the bonus**. They can make their first deposit at any time, there is no time limit.

Where will my bonus be paid?

Your bonus will be paid into your Chip Savings Account.

Can I track the progress of my reward?

Yes, go to ‘Earn and Track Rewards’ (Android) or ‘Promos & Referrals’ (iOS) on the profile tab of your app.

What are the full terms and conditions?

Please see the full T&Cs here

* - A new customer is defined as someone who has never previously held a Chip account

** - An active Chip customer is defined as someone who has an account balance greater than £1 and has not deleted the app.

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