Chip’s mission is to build the best savings account in the world. To do that, we need to keep things simple. So we tidied up our membership fees, with two clear plans; a free Chip plan and a premium ChipX plan.

What features will I be able to access in the new free ‘Chip’ Plan?

Under the new Chip plan you will be able to access:

  • Our 1.05% Allica Easy Access account, with a limit of £85,000 paying daily interest and with unlimited penalty-free withdrawals.

  • Our awarding winning auto-saving functionality (including Payday PutAway)

  • Open a General Investment Account (GIA) and start seeking inflation busting returns. 0.5% annual platform fee applies. Your capital is at risk

  • Three investment funds (provided by Blackrock fund manager charges apply.)

    • Cautious fund (4.28% average annual returns)

    • Balanced fund (5.32% average annual returns)

    • Adventurous fund (7.66% average annual returns)

How much will this new plan cost?

The Chip plan is free! offering all the functionality previously only available on our paid "ChipAI" plan for no monthly charge.

If you use our investment platform a 0.5% platform fee applies to the value of your investments. This fee is only for investment products and does not apply to our savings accounts.

How do I access the new free Chip plan?

Please update your app now to see the new plan options in the app and select the Chip plan. On the profile tab select "My plan" then "change or view plans". You can view a comparison between Chip and ChipX by swiping left and right. The changes will take affect at the end of your next billing cycle but not more charges will apply

Will this affect the other plans?

ChipX plan remains unchanged, you will continue to receive the very best Chip has to offer by remaining on this plan. The 'ChipAI' plan will only be visible/accessible by users currently on that plan, however we recommend you update your app and move onto the 'Chip' plan now to move onto the free service

What are the prices for each plan?

Chip - Free

Chip X - £3.00

The ChipAI plan will remain at £1.50 for users who have this plan selected running older versions of the app, If you are still on this plan, please update and move to the 'Chip' plan.

I am an existing Chip AI user, do I need to do anything?

Yes, you just need to update your app to the latest version and move to "Chip" Plan

When you move to the Chip plan, you will continue accessing the existing benefits you enjoyed previously on 'ChipAI' free of charge. to do this, go to the profile tab select "My plan" then "change or view plans". You can also upgrade to ChipX should you wish.

I am an existing Chip X user, will anything change for me?

No, nothing will change with your plan, you will continue to receive the very best of Chip on our premium membership plan, including access to a tax free Stocks and Shares ISA, exclusive investment funds, early access to new accounts and more!

Will you still be offering a free trial for new users?

No, when new users join Chip they will be on the free 'Chip' plan automatically so there is no need for a free trial.

Something else

If you have any further questions about our plans, just drop the team a message on the app and we'll get back to you.


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