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Troubleshooting your Card Connection
Troubleshooting your Card Connection
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To use Chip to the fullest, we ask that you have both a card and bank account connection. To make card deposits (this includes Autosaves and Recurring Saves), you will need to ensure your debit card is linked in the 'Profile' tab in-app.

If you're having trouble linking your card, please run through the options that follow and make any necessary checks:

  • Are you definitely adding a debit card?

  • Are you running the most recent version of the app?

  • Has your debit card recently expired or been replaced?

  • Can you double-check that the bank isn't declining the connection?

  • Can you double-check you have not blocked/frozen your debit card?

When you connect your card, we need to confirm it's real and authorise it. The easiest way for us to do this is to charge a test payment. The fee is always reverted and returned to your available balance within 48 hours and may show as "pending". It will not appear on your statement once this is completed.

If your bank declines the test fee, the card will not connect. Please ensure to contact your bank and make sure they are not declining the test fee.

Chip's test fee is managed by our payment partner, which charges 1 USD to your connected debit card. As you can imagine, the exact figure in GBP may change daily due to fluctuating foreign exchange rates. Due to this, the fee may have come through a little higher than the expected £0.72 we advise in the app.

Another cause of connection issues is your location - we cannot allow debit card connections outside of the UK therefore could you please check that you are:

  • In the UK when trying to connect your card

  • Not connected to a VPN while trying to connect your card

If you have run through the steps above and find you are still unable to connect your card, please reach out to us at or via the in-app chat (which can be found on the 'Profile' tab) and we'll be happy to help get this resolved for you. It's worth providing as much information as possible (including screenshots or a screen recording of any error messages) when you you get in touch.

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