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Why are some of my students going straight to Spiral Review?
Why are some of my students going straight to Spiral Review?

I assigned an assignment, but some students aren't seeing it. My students aren't seeing the assignment I assigned.

Updated this week

Occasionally you may find that one or two of your students are immediately in SPIRAL REVIEW even though you had assigned something specific for the class to work on. 

Here are some of the possible scenarios that would lead to this issue. 

1. They've already completed the assignment. 

If you assigned the assignment before class started, you may have some students completing the assigned number of points before class/on the bus/etc.  

SOLUTION: Click ASSIGN when you are ready for your students to begin working and not before. Until you click that button, they’ll continue to get extra practice in Spiral Review.

2. You didn’t adjust the Points per Skill.

SOLUTION: If you are reassigning a previously finished assignment, you will need to adjust the Points per Skill. Otherwise, GMM is treating that assignment as complete, and just clicking ASSIGN again will do nothing.

3. Your student is in the wrong class. 

SOLUTION: If your student is enrolled in multiple classes simply make sure they are viewing the correct one. This can be done in the student menu (the top right corner of the student dashboard) by clicking Switch Class and selecting the correct class name. 

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