In graphing inequalities on a number line and a coordinate plane, teachers may want to practice entering answers as a student.

To graph inequalities on a number line, students solve the inequality in the first answer space.

Then, students choose an open or closed circle from the drop-down menu above the number line.

To graph the solution, the student will click in the direction of the solution on the number line.

To help students understand graphing inequalities on a coordinate plane, show your students that they may choose from the drop-down menu at the top of the graph to choose Line or Shade.

A student may choose solid or dotted lines from the button on the right side of the drop-down menu.

Students will click on the first point on the line. The arrows on the side will allow a student to move a point.

Students will then click on the location of the second point on the line, and GMM will connect the points with a line as Line was chosen from the drop-down menu above the graph.

Next, the students will need to shade the correct portion of the graph by choosing Shade from the drop-down menu above the graph.

Students enter the answer by clicking enter or clicking the green checkmark.

To remove a point, or to start over, simply click on the trash can icon on the bottom left.

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