Have you seen the SKIP button on a student's screen and wondered why students have skips?

When students are working in Mixed Review AND the teacher is offline, students may get stuck on a problem. 

SKIP is a feature that allows a student to 'set aside' a difficult problem for a little while. When a student skips a problem, the square is grayed out, and GMM will not ask the student to practice that skill until the student logs into GMM again.

The SKIP option shows on the left side of a student's screen when the student is working in Mixed Review AND the teacher is offline OR when the teacher allows skips while the teacher is online.

Skips are only available in Mixed Review, never in Assignments.

The number of skips available is determined by the teacher in Settings for the class. The teacher may also allow skips while they are online. Keep in mind that teachers use this slider only when they are not available to answer student questions.

Best Practice Tip:  Teachers should click SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW before the class leaves for the day, preferably with 1/3 of class time remaining.

Skips Defined - Skipping a problem means that a student can skip a Mixed Review skill (problem type/square) when the student does not have access to the teacher for questions.

Note - Skips are not to be confused with avoiding a problem. When a student clicks away from a skill (square/problem type), the corner is "cut" from the square. When four corners are "cut," the student will receive the "Not Possible - the selected problem must be solved" message and must solve the selected problem. This "Not Possible" message will only be seen when a student is working in class with the teacher online.

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