The Raise Hand feature is for classroom use. Students may raise their hands to indicate their need for help.

The Raise Hand feature is turned on by default. You will find this feature in Settings for a class. To turn off this feature, you will need to move the slider to the Off position.

To raise his hand, a student clicks on the hand icon in the upper right of the student dashboard.

Students who raise their hands will receive this message.

Note: The first and second students who request help will immediately receive this message. Subsequent students will not see this message window until they are the next in line for help.

From CLASSES, using Current Status, you can monitor real-time data for the class. When a student raises her hand, you will see the hand icon on Current Status under the Help Order column.

To view the student's requested help problem, you click on the hand and will view the problem and the expected answer.

After helping a student, you click the X beside the help hand on Current Status. This will move the next student requesting help up in the queue. 

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