Get More Math is designed to help your students master key mathematical concepts and retain those concepts throughout the school year and beyond. 

We have outlined some of our favorite tips to help you make the most of GMM and maximize your students' results!

Daily Goal

  1. Set a daily goal EVERY day to ensure that students earn points from assignment and Mixed Review. Choose the assignment goal so that students have plenty of time to practice in Mixed Review. Results are maximized when students spend time in Mixed Review daily.

  2. Switch to Mixed Review to place the entire class into Mixed Review. Develop the habit of clicking SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW with 1/3 of the class time remaining, even if some students haven't achieved all the points for initial mastery of that day's skill. The optimum division of class time is 1/3rd time teaching the new skill, 1/3rd time in the assignment for the day, and 1/3rd time spent in Mixed Review.

  3. The daily goal is data-driven and relative to each day's workload. The daily goal also holds students accountable.

   4. When creating assignments, keep them small ----1, 2, at most 3 skills.
   5. Your first assignment should be quick and easy for students so they can get
       comfortable with the program. Allow students time to “play” in GMM to become
       familiar with various entry techniques.
   6. Don’t be afraid to include “easy” questions in an assignment. This helps build
        confidence in some of your lower ability students.
   7. Practice each assignment yourself before you give it to your students. You need
       to make sure you understand the problems and how to enter the answers before
       assigning them. Always do more than what you think to prepare.
   8. Make sure your students are ready to work on their own on GMM before  
       releasing them to their devices. Do NOT assign skills without having taught them
       first.  Do NOT assume students “should” know a skill; they often do NOT!

9. Do NOT assign multiple assignments at once. This will add all new skills to Mixed Review without giving your students the time to gradually build up mastery.

Mixed Review

    10. If you see TOO MUCH RED in Mixed Review, consider the following options:
          a) You may need fewer skills in Mixed Review.
          b) You may need to give your students more time in MixedReview. Consider
               taking a few days off from new material and just focus on working in Mixed  
   11.  Remember the Switch to Mixed Review button on CLASSES will place the entire
          class directly into Mixed Review.
          This is often helpful for:
            a) A review at the beginning of class. Create a review sandwich.
            b) A quick change if a lesson isn’t going as planned
            c) Plans for a substitute that is not qualified to teach new material.
   12. The skip feature allows for greater flexibility when working and avoids
        frustrating students and parents. REMEMBER this feature only applies
        when working in Mixed Review! So, Switch all students to Mixed Review to
        ensure the most success during practice outside of class.

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