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What is a condensed skill?
What is a condensed skill?

different hexagon; blue hexagon with white outline

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A condensed skill combines several skills into one skill (square). 

Why does GMM have condensed skills?
Condensed skills allow a teacher to use one skill (one square for students) rather than multiple skills (multiple squares for students) for the same type of practice.

Often, teachers use a skill similar to others for beginning instruction, but as the school year progress, the teacher would prefer to have one square for practice rather than two or three squares covering similar skills.

 Condensed skills allow students to practice a skill in multiple ways using only one square, instead of several squares.

This practice can help shorten rotation time for all skills as well.

For example, some teachers prefer to teach scientific notation by presenting positive exponents on the first day, introduce negative exponents the second day, and then have students practice both positive and negative exponents beyond the first two days. GMM provides skills for this type of practice.

First day of instruction (positive exponents)

Second day of instruction (negative exponents)

Third day of instruction (using condensed skills)

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