To print an Assignment

Choose WORK from the blue ribbon.
Choose an assignment from the left side of WORK.
Click on the printer icon.

Choose the number of problems from each skill to include on the printed worksheet.
If you wish to shuffle the order of problems on the worksheet, then move the slider Shuffle.
Choose the number of versions you wish to print.


From Chrome, you will have the option to choose to print or save the worksheet from the dialog box.

From Safari, the PDF will open, and you will choose to print or save the worksheet.

After saving or printing, use the back button to return to GMM Teacher App.

NOTE: The answer key is included at the end of the worksheet.

If you need to upload the PDF file without the answer key, open the PDF from your saved location, and then choose Print and limit the range of pages so that the answer key is not included.

To print a Mixed Review packet

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose Mixed Review from the middle column.

Select the skills that you wish to include in the printout.


Choose Create Assignment from ACTIONS.

Name the assignment.

Click SAVE.

Click the print icon to generate the PDF.

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