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How do I assign the same assignment again?
How do I assign the same assignment again?

Reassigning past work, reassigning completed work

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After your students complete the Assignment Goal and move to Mixed Review, you may decide that you would like them to spend a bit more time in a practice set working on those skills.

You can reassign an assignment. You must change the Points per Skill to a higher value. If your students have already earned the Assignment Goal, they will not be asked to earn any more.

In the example above, students needed to earn 6 points on this assignment to move to Mixed Review. If you want them to earn 2 more points on each skill, you must increase the Points per Skill to 5 before clicking START.

Now students will need to earn 10 points on this assignment in order to move to Mixed Review. If they earned 6 points on a previous day, those count toward the 10 points for today. Therefore, they only need to earn 4 points today.

You'll see this message after changing the points per skill if you've given the assignment to a class.

If you'd like to force students to work on these newly adjusted points per skill, make sure to move the slider to make the assignment Available and check the Default from Assignments.

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