To create a new assignment, choose WORK from the blue ribbon.

Click the blue + button to create a folder, exam, or assignment.

  1. Name your assignment.

2. Add Skills

Locate the skills from the right column to include and select ADD SKILL.

Best practice alert: Cycle through several of the samples before adding a skill and keep the number of skills added to three or fewer.

3. Set Points per Skill

Points per Skill has a default setting of three points per skill. You may adjust the number of Points per Skill.

Best practice alert: Keep the default setting of three points per skill.

4. Click SAVE.

5. When you're ready for your students to practice, click ASSIGN. Select the class or classes, and then, click ASSIGN.

REMEMBER: The second sentence of the pop-up is the most important one.

New Skills were added to Mixed Review.

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