Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.
Choose a class from the left colum.
Choose Current Status from the middle column.

Name: Clicking on each student's name will give you more information on the exact problem they are working on and the correct answer. You can send them a message or send them a game credit. If necessary you can override the problem from here as well.

Help Order: This column will show any students that have asked for help by raising their electronic hands. The numbers show the order that the students asked for help.

Working On: This will show the name of the assignment they are currently working on or will say Mixed Review if they're currently practicing in Mixed Review mode.

Points Today: This shows how many points a student has earned on that calendar day. This total will reset at midnight. This total includes points earned in any assignment as well as points earned in Mixed Review.

Time Since Correct: This displays a counter for each student, showing how long it has been since they last answered a question correctly. Watch out for students with red or large amounts of time, they must be stuck and need your help!

For more information about monitoring your students in real-time, check out this quick video.

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