Data that moves with the student includes:

  1. Proficiency (colors of their squares)

  2. Accuracy

  3. Number of first attempts

  4. Last date correctly solved

NOTE: This data moves with the student for skills assigned in both classes.

Data that does NOT move with the student:

  1. Points

  2. Unfixed Errors

  3. Penalties

  4. Exam scores, Corrections, or Follow-ups

  5. Assignment results

Wondering why assignment or exam results do not move with a student?

GMM Proficiency is accuracy over time and is the important metric for long term retention! Assignment and exam results are moment-in-time data while proficiency (the colors of a student's squares) is continuous data showing retention.

If a teacher needs to view a student's moment-in-time data, the student can be added back to the previous class, and the results are viewable and downloadable.

Remember, get 'em to green for long term retention!

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