The blue button on the student's dashboard allows a student to work on incomplete assignments or to work in Mixed Review.

Students choose from any incomplete assignment or Mixed Review.

What assignments will my students see?

After an assignment has been assigned to a class, the teacher has the option to make it unavailable by moving the slider shown below.

What is the default assignment?

The default assignment is what your students see when they log in. Whenever an assignment is assigned, it is automatically made available to the class and is the default assignment. The default assignment will also show in the oval on the upper right side of the screen in Current Status and Assignments.

When assigning multiple assignments at one time, the most recently assigned will be the default.

How does the teacher know what the students are working on?

The teacher monitors student progress and what assignment(s) students are working on from Current Status.

How does the teacher ensure students focus on one assignment instead of having other options?

Move the sliders so that only one assignment is available and is the default.

Why would I want my students to be able to access Mixed Review at any time?

Sometimes, students get stuck on a problem in an assignment and cannot finish the assignment without help. In assignments, there are fewer options, and skips are unavailable.

Switching to Mixed Review allows the student to continue working on previous skills that are uniquely selected for the student. In Mixed Review, they have more options from which to choose, skips are available, and students can continue practicing until they can get help from the teacher at a later time.

Why is the Change Assignment button disabled, or grayed out, for some students?

There are two reasons why the Change Assignment button will be disabled.

  1. The student has completed the available assignments and may only work in Mixed Review.

  2. The teacher has only one available assignment and has not allowed students to switch to Mixed Review prior to completing the default assignment. This is shown on the teacher screen below.

What if the teacher uses the SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW button?

By clicking SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW, the teacher choses Mixed Review as the default for the class. Students will see Mixed Review when logging into GMM and can still access available assignments.

This class is in Mixed Review.

How can my students view their progress on Assignments?

Students may view their Assignment History by clicking on Change Assignment and then choosing View Assignment History.

Note: From Assignment History, gray assignments are the assignments that are no longer available.

How do I know if my students completed an assignment?

From Assignments, the Students Completed column provides a quick view for teachers. For student-specific data, click on the name of an assignment.

If a teacher makes changes to an old assignment, what happens?

If a teacher changes an assignment after it's been assigned, those changes are applied to any class assigned that assignment. This includes adding or removing skills and changing to the assignment goal.

What message do my students receive when I change the default assignment or use SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW?

How do I make GMM work the way it did before the updates to Assignments?

If you want your students to finish an assignment before they can work in Mixed Review, from Assignments, turn off the slider to Allow students to switch to Mixed Review prior to completing the default assignment, and make only one assignment available at a time.

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