Before students begin independent practice in Get More Math, teachers should use GMM to model problems for guided practice. By modeling, teachers ease student frustration or confusion about how to enter answers.

Using the full screen button, teachers display a problem by clicking the full screen button. Teachers can show students how to enter fractions, graph inequalities, change the increments on the axes, and more.

From WORK, Current Status, Mixed Review, and Student Data, teachers click the full screen button. A full screen display will open.

Teachers can enter answers, view the expected answer, and refresh to view new problems. In an assignment, teachers can view the next skill using the arrows.

Teacher may choose to use the PREVIEW button to model problems for students.

Clicking PREVIEW in an assignment, opens the assignment in a new tab so the teacher may preview the skills in the assignment.

Teachers could record their guided practice and save the videos with the skill code listed below the problem. Students may reference the videos if needed.

Teachers may print a copy of the assignment and save their notes by skill code so students may reference notes if needed.

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