Teachers can add more data metrics to student data reports using the Manage Columns button.

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.
Choose a class from the left column.
Choose Student Data from the middle column.
Teachers have three options within student data. Mixed Review, Assignments and Exams.

You may turn on more columns for the report by clicking on the Manage Columns button.

Choose which columns to display.

Order any column by clicking on the column heading.

Click on a students name in Mixed review to see more in depth data for the individual student.

Click on Assignments to view how many assignments your students have completed.

Click on an individual student name to see the date assigned, points earned and error fixed.

Click on Exams to view any exams that have not been started, the average score on exams, average follow-up and the number of exams the student has graded.

Clicking on an individual student's name will bring up more in depth information.

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